Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Mover Shelves

How much stock can I hold in a bay of Gravity Fed Fast Mover Shelves?

Each 1000mm bay of shelves holds on average 110 SKU’s or up to 1300 packages depending on size.

How many shelves in each bay of Gravity Fed Shelves?

A standard bay is supplied with 10 shelves however 11 shelves can be supplied upon request for additional storage capacity.

Are there different sizes of shelves available?

Demodeks can provide an alternate 625mm wide shelf to give flexibility to suit the area available in your dispensary. These are easily installed in conjunction with 1000mm wide shelves and are available upon request.

“Flex” Slow Mover Drawers

What is meant by a Slow Mover?

In dispensary terms a “Slow Mover” refers to items that are not dispensed often and normally have lower stock levels on hand at any one time.

How much stock can I hold in Slow Mover Drawers?

Demodeks “Classic Slow Mover Drawers” can be supplied in 1, 2 or 3 Bay combinations with each bay of drawers holding up to 400 SKU’s or 1800 packages depending on sizes and stock levels held.

How do I stock my drawers once installed?

Drawers are stocked in a similar way to traditional shelving alphabetically working from the left hand side top drawer down each bay working across to the right. It is recommended that the top double height drawers are left for taller packaged items.

Under Bench Drawers

What are the under bench drawers used for?

Demodeks under bench drawers can be utilised for various options within the Pharmacy.

Within the Scripts In counter they can be set up for Ultra Fast Movers that are regularly dispensed.

Webster packing areas can have multiple bays of drawers installed within the work bench for easy stock access. Script on File and Script Waiting Drawers can also be incorporated within the counter areas for increased staff comfort & efficiency.

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