Under Bench Drawers

Under Bench Drawers

The Demodeks range of Under Bench Drawers can provide an assortment of variations to suit all areas of your Dispensary. Usable Drawer depth of 450mm combined with single or double height options configured to suit your requirements. Drawers are supplied with central slotted dividers with acrylic stock separators and side label holders.

Scripts On File drawers provide easy storage and access to customer scripts kept within the Scripts In Counter. Acrylic Dividers along with alphabetical labels keep scripts organised and neat in the double height drawers. Drawer configuration for Script on File consists of 1 single height drawer + 3 double height drawers with Alphabetical Dividers.

Scripts Waiting drawers can be configured to suit storage in baskets for flat & visible quick access within the Scripts Ready Counter or alternatively bagged in double height drawers. Drawer configuration for Script Waiting consists of 5 single height drawers + 1 double height drawer per bay.

Demodeks Under bench Drawers are also adaptable for DAA, Ultra Fast Mover & Slow Moving stock storage.

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