Meet Our Team

Jan Clement

Belgium Owner/Principle

Jan is the founder and owner of Belgium-based family business, Clement Pharma, which has been operating successfully for 3 generations. In addition, he is proud to have held a long-standing relationship with the Australian Demodeks team.

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While he would happily have you think he was born in a pharmacy drawer, what is very evident is his fervent devotion to optimising pharmacy operations – down to the very last detail.

As an Entrepreneur and Interior Designer, his hands on approach and experience is what drives the business’ focus on the ‘future pharmacy’. In turn, it ensures the development of next-level systems, workflow, and implementation methods.

Greg Kerr

National Operations Manager (AUS)

For 20 years, Greg has specialised in shopfitting – and he is a qualified cabinet maker. During the last 6 years, he has focused on dispensary and project management within the pharmacy and retail sectors.

Greg is also a highly experienced Operations Manager, and draws on his creative, technical and strategic problem-solving expertise to ensure even the most complex project runs smoothly and seamlessly – and in accordance with your vision.

Rachael Runner

National Business Development Manager (AUS)

“Making a difference and being the difference” is the mantra for Rachael.

As National Business Development Manager, Rachael has a combined 20 years’ experience in the HealthCare Industry & Information Technology space.  She believes that thriving and surviving is the key to business growth, and she is firmly committed to forming long term relationships.

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Rachael is a reflective thinker, and this applies both professionally and personally. As a result, Rachael helps clients uncover their own solutions by asking questions that expand their thinking and encourage a balanced approach to assessing risk. In her experience, this is paramount to achieving success.

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