Fast Mover Dispensary Shelves

Fast Mover Shelves

Demodeks “ Fast Mover Sloping Shelves” are engineered for volume storage of fast moving medications where visibility and quick easy access is essential. Often used in conjunction with the “Slow Mover Drawers” these units are typically installed within close proximity to the Dispensary Counter to increase the efficiency of the Pharmacy which in turn allows for better customer consultation and service.

Demodeks have 3 Fast Mover Shelf size options (805, 905 & 1000mm wide) to choose from with a usable shelf depth of 420mm. Units can be supplied in combinations of these sizes to maximise use of valuable dispensary floor space.

Steel dividers keep stock aligned & acrylic fronts provide a clear view of all medications. Data strips for labeling assist in error free picking. Each bay of Fast Mover Shelves includes:

  • 10 Slide Out Shelves with acrylic front
  • 120 Stock Dividers / 905 & 1000mm Shelf
  • 100 Stock Dividers / 805mm Shelf
  • 10 Data Labelling Strips
  • Steel support legs & Connector Rails
  • Easy to follow assembly guide
  • 1 Bay x 805mm approx. 110 SKU’s or 1000 packages
  • 1 Bay x 905mm approx. 120 SKU’s or 1100
  • 1 Bay x 1000mm approx. 130 SKU’s or 1200 packages

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